Books Books Books, I Love Books! (Round 2: Little Devil & Little Angel On My Shoulder)

THEY’RE BACK!  Last night the Little Devil & Little Angel appeared on my shoulders again.  With it being the last day of September and knowing I had a coupon to Barnes & Noble that expired on September 30th and thinking of a couple of books I had my eye on they appeared!  Here’s the dialogue that went on in my head (ok some of it was out loud too)!

Cast of Characters:

LD = Little Devil (in bold because he’s always the loudest!)

LA = Little Angel (in italics because he’s always the sweetest little voice!)

ME = well me of course!

While cleaning out my wallet I notice a Barnes & Noble coupon for an extra 15% off one item now through September 30th

ME:  Oh my today is September 30th maybe I should go online and order a book.

LD: Hey that sounds like a great idea go on and check it out!

LA: You know, you do have another coupon that’s good next month maybe you should just wait till then.

LD: Don’t wait, you’ve got plenty of books on your list that you’d love to get!  This way you could get two books one now and one later and you’ll be saving money on both!

LA: Would you really be saving money?  It’s just a coupon, not a gift certificate, you would still be spending money!

ME: Well it couldn’t hurt to just check it out and see what the book costs.

So I proceed to go to Barnes & Noble’s website and type in the name of a book I’ve had my eye on The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

ME: Wow, check that out, it’s only $5.22 that’s a great deal, and that’s not even with my 15% off yet!

LD: AMAZING DEAL!  You should totally get it!

LA: That’s the eBook price you fool!  You don’t have a nook or an iPad.

LD: Maybe you should ask for an iPad for your Birthday!

LA: Seriously, do you really need an iPad?

ME: It would be nice to have an iPad but I love books, I don’t think I’ll go electronic in that department until they give me no other choice but to!  I love the feel of cracking open a new book!

LD: Come on, get with it – everyone does it these days!

ME: Really?!  You’re going to pull that line on me?

LD: Sorry.

ME: Ok, here it is $10.79 with out my 15% off, that’s not too bad.

LD: Order it!  Look, you qualify for free express shipping!

ME: I think I always qualify for free express shipping since we’re members.

I proceed to place the book into my cart and then proceed to checkout.  I select the address I want the book shipped to, select PayPal as my payment option & enter the coupon code.  The price dropped to just under $10 total.

LD:  Wow, that’s a great deal!  Go on and place your order!

LA: You know, tomorrow is October!

LD: You’re so random!  No duh tomorrow’s October, today is September 30th: “30 days hath September, April, June and November!”

LA:  I’m just saying that since October is almost here, that means your Birthday is almost here!  What if you get a Barnes & Noble gift card for your Birthday?  Or even some new books?

LD: Yea but the coupon expires today!

LA: Oh cut it out, you get those coupons all the time and don’t always use them!

I proceed to shut down the computer, not ordering the book.

LD: Hey, what did you do that for?

LA: Maybe we should go to the library tomorrow!

After I dropped Phia off at school I decided to swing by the library.  I parked the Odyssey, took Tedy out (the whole car seat since he was still sleeping) and walked up to the library.

ME: LIBRARY CLOSED?!?  GOOD GRIEF!  Maybe I should be a Librarian!



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