My Regiville!

I write today’s blog with a heavy heart.  Early this morning there was a stabbing at my Dear Alma Mater, Regis College.  The altercation left 1 dead and 1 hospitalized.  Thankfully neither victim was a Regis College student but none the less it is a huge blow to the school.  This morning’s events left many of us wondering, what happened to Regiville?  When I attended Regis College, it was an ALL WOMEN’S school; in 2007 they started admitting men to the undergraduate program.  Regiville is not the place that it once was!

As I look back on my days at Regiville, I thought about the fateful day that brought me there.  My Mom wanted me to go look at this school, it wasn’t even on my list of schools to apply to!  So as we pulled onto campus I told my Mom, “We’re wasting our time, I’m not going to go here, they don’t even have my major!”  My Mom responded, “Let’s just take a tour.”  The campus was gorgeous!  I even got to speak with the field hockey coach because the tour guide found out I played a sport.  After speaking with the coach, I ended up getting recruited!  I know, it’s just a D3 school but still me, recruited, a chance to continue to play a sport I love?!  Obviously I left Regis College that day, excited to put in my application in hopes of being accepted.

I was accepted to Regis College, as were a few other Dedham High classmates of mine.  One in particular, Judy, was going to attend and play field hockey as well.  Mind you Judy was one of our star field hockey players at DHS and I barely started, I think Mr. B let me start on Senior day – haha!  Judy and I had Physics together, and our teacher joked with us saying things like, “Good Luck Judy, you have to deal with Liz DeLise for four more years!”  Anyways, Judy and I weren’t really friends in High School but in College, she ended up being one of my best friends!  As did the crew that was recruited for field hockey that year and a few others.

They would say, “You don’t go to Regis to find your future husband, you go to find your future bridesmaids!”  That saying is true, I have been a bridesmaid in two weddings, Molly’s (as were the entire class of 2005 field hockey players) and Isabel’s.  I also was a reader at Cait’s wedding.  Though I only had my sister as my matron of honor in my wedding, these ladies were in attendance at mine.  One of my favorite (of the very few) pictures from my wedding is of all the Regiville ladies that were in attendance.

While at Regis College, I played field hockey, ended up joining the swim team and being a captain my Junior & Senior years, randomly played softball (was better as the manager though) and along with some other friends, was a founding mother of the lacrosse team.  I also served on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee as a rep sophomore year, VP Junior year and President Senior year with the best VP, Isabel, ever!  So for a school that I didn’t want to attend, I ended up getting very involved and loving every moment of it!

Of course in the four years there I had many ups in downs with academics and relationships.  Yet through it all, I had my Regiville ladies, my family, to count on to help me through!  They’re still around for me in all of life’s good and bad times.  We’ve even shared kids clothes, hand-me-downs don’t just run in blood families but in the Regiville family as well!  I have so many fond memories of my time at Regis College, the one’s of Regiville are not completely appropriate for this blog 😉

Yet when we graduated in 2005 things began to drastically change!  Starting with the field hockey team; though we were a small team, we were still very competitive and had winning records.  We weren’t just athletes, we were student-athletes and a number of us were academic all-americans!  Simply said, things just aren’t the same anymore 😦

What happened to the PRIDE of Regis College?  I know that way back in the day we were the Regis Beacons and the Norman Tower (or Rook) was the symbol/mascot of the school.  Yet when I attended, we were the Regis College Pride – a pack of lioness that were not tame at all!  When we let men in, the logo changed to be a male & female lion – I think they finally realized it but let me just describe the logo then I’m sure you can figure it out: a male lion was placed on top of the female.  So then they changed to logo again to an R with a crown on top!  I HATE THE NEW LOGO – HEY REGIS COLLEGE ATHLETICS, I HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS BLOG – THE NEW LOGO IS HORRIBLE!  I personally think they should have gotten some input from the Alumni, I vote we change the logo again and go back to the unofficial logo, the lion’s paw print!

Speaking of Alumni input…when we first graduated from Regis College, we received nothing from the school, no updates, no wanting to know our updates, nothing!  Then Christina took over and from what I can tell she has been doing an amazing job in Alumni relations with setting up events for the Alumni to attend, as well as keeping us all up to date on what other Alums are doing.

So that’s a brief glimpse of the Regiville I knew, my Regiville – what happened this morning is not my Regiville!  Many of the things going on at that school well, it’s not my Regiville!  Things are not the same at all, things have drastically changed and I hate to say this but I think it’s for the worst.  Most of the changes that I have seen don’t seem to be positive ones.  I attended the end of season picnic event to celebrate the inaugural year of the new fields, and I sang the National Anthem.  I used to sing the National Anthem all the time!  Do you think a single current student came up to me and my friends while we were there supporting the teams?  NOPE!  What’s up with that?  When Alumni attended events at Regis when I was a student there, we always made sure we socialized with them because that’s just what a respectful Regiville lady did!

Anyways, my thoughts and prayers go out to the Regis College community – it doesn’t deserve to be called Regiville anymore though.


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