The Other Marathon In My Life Has Been Successfully Completed – Potty Training!

After over a year of ups and downs our darling daughter, Sophia Rose, is finally potty trained!  Let us celebrate – let me scream it from the roof tops!  This is a joyous time!  PRAISE THE LORD!

It all started just before she turned a year old.  Troy and I noticed that right around 12 months Phia would be joined by unapproved floatation devices (aka: poop) every time she took a bath.  So we decided to take matters into our own hands and instead of waiting for her to poop before we gave her a bath, we got her a potty seat.  She loved it!  Before bath time she would sit on her seat and cover herself with a towel and do her duty (or doodie).

Around 15 months she started taking interest in using the potty at other times during the day.  By 18 months she was well potty trained at home.  She had a few accidents here and there and two really stick out in my mind.  One occurred while we were still living in the rental house.  She was completely naked and running around – she stopped and peed on the floor – she started running around again and slipped in her own puddle of pee!  The second occurred in our house with some folks over for dinner.  She had moved her potty seat into a corner in the living room for some reason.  Actually, her potty seat made it all around the house, it was in the hallway at one point as well.  Anyways, the seat was not in that corner this day, it was in the hallway but there was another seat there.  Before she realized that this seat was not the right one, she pooped in the corner.  Before anyone could move to clean it up Toby (our dog) ate it up!  Phia was devastated!  She looked down at where her poop was, looked up at us and exclaimed “Toby ate my poop!”  The rest of the week at school she told everyone she came in contact with that Toby ate her poop!

Just before Tedy was born and just before she turned two we had our first major set back.  She was fully potty trained at home but because of the room she was in, she wasn’t able to carry it over to school.  Once she moved up into the next room we regained being fully trained at home and were having some success at school because she had access to the little potty’s there.  Then we completely lost everything when I went back to work once my maternity leave ended.  This was one of the many reasons why I decided to leave the typical work world to be a full-time stay at home mom.  Shortly after making this change we made huge strides and she was fully potty trained at home and even out in public!  During our entire car trip to Missouri for Troy’s boot camp graduation she didn’t have a single accident.  Yet then we still ran into the problem of not using the potty at school.  So one day I decided that’s it, we are done with this, and I sent her to school with big girl undies on.  Her teachers didn’t seem to be too happy about this and Phia had an accident on the first day.  Yet after Phia and I had a nice talk about it, she proved her teachers wrong and they were very impressed!  She has been accident free ever since (about a month & counting)!

We are so proud of her and her accomplishments!  She’s been on a major road trip to New England and went accident free during that as well.  She would tell me that she had to use the bathroom and sometimes we would be a bit away from one so I’d tell her that she’d have to hold it.  She literally holds it, and when we stop she runs from the Odyssey and to the bathroom and uses it – what a big girl!

This marathon has been the most entertaining yet!  I’m looking forward to when the next one begins, potty training Tedy!  Hopefully it will be just as funny but not as heart breaking and difficult.  To all other folks out there working on potty training, I wish you the best.  My best advice is to not use pull ups (with the exception of at night because it’s tough to make it through all that time with out an accident) because as in Phia’s case, she knew she could fall back on it if she didn’t feel like stopping what she was doing to use the bathroom.  Also, I wish you all luck and to take the funny moments and remember those in the difficult times!   GOOD LUCK TO ALL POTTY TRAINEES!


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