Part 5: Reading & Running (OMG I’M SIGNED UP FOR A MARATHON!?!)


I’ve been told many stories about my love of reading.  My husband sometimes makes fun of me because I do not read as much as when we first met, which then reminds me of how much I love to read and I quickly pick up a book.  My family and friends that have known me since I was a baby recall that my love for books started at a very young age.  Nani & Popi (Judy & Gordon, not my biological grandparents but my Army Grandparents – that’ll be a post for another day) fondly recall spending the night with me in my room when I was little.  They say I had tons of books with me in my bed and would sit there and happily read.

If you come to our house there is no shortage of books – various books can be found throughout the house!  Sometimes Troy will say that we need to get rid of some of our books and it makes me cringe every time he makes that suggestion – how could you get rid of a book?!  Yes, I haven’t touched some books in years; but hey, our children may want to read those book one day or possibly be required to read them for school.  I do agree with him that it’s ok to get rid of the books that we have multiple copies of.

So what does reading have to do with running?  Well for me it has played a crucial role in training for my first marathon!  It started with a book I’ve posted about before, The Complete Book of Running for Women by Claire Kowalchik I reference this book almost everyday!  I have bought copies of it for my sister Nancy and my cousin Jessica (ok Jessica isn’t my cousin but she really is Nani & Popi’s Granddaughter and I’ve known her since she was born so she’s like a cousin – if you don’t get the relationship yet don’t worry, it’ll make more sense once I post about my Army Family) and if I had the money there are many other women that are very close to me that I’d buy it for but alas I don’t have the money so all I can do is suggest it to them and hope that they buy it or someone else gets it for them as a gift.  A quick note about gifts, my birthday is just 5 weeks away so if you can’t think of what to get me, a Barnes & Nobles gift certificate always makes the perfect gift for this crazy book lover!  Anyways, this book has served as my guide with my training, I get my training schedule from it and have based clothing purchases from it, etc.

Now I have a few friends who are librarians, two of which are athletes, Meredith has completely turned her life around from when I first met her, and she serves as an inspiration to me everyday!  She does many of her races with Team In Training.  My other librarian friend and running inspiration, the one who invited me to join dailymile is Michelle.  She suggested that I read 50/50 by Dean Karnazes.  A couple of weeks ago I ordered the book, and anxiously awaited its arrival.  It was here when I came home from my latest trip to New England.  I cracked it open that evening and began my journey through the book.  It was an extremely inspirational book and was a true God send!  I had recently hit a low in my training – that horrible run I last blogged about really took a lot out of me and I was having a difficult time recovering from it.  I had only gone for a few short runs since then.  One of the runs I went for was through the beautiful trails of New Hampshire new Nani & Popi’s house – it was so nice to be in touch with nature.  Yet then I hit another low, I developed a nasty blister on my right foot from wearing a cute pair of red high heels to my friend Cait’s wedding.  Cait is another running inspiration – she is a very talented athlete and coach, I think if she was my college field hockey coach I could have actually overcome my big feet issues and be a decent player.  Cait is a very tough woman and after taking a few days off her voice and the voices of my other Regiville friends came into my head.  Here’s the edited version of what they said: “Stop being such a lazy bum, get off your butt and get running!”  Those voices came to mind while reading this book.  By the way, I recommend this book to everyone, runner or not.  It was an inspiration to me and I learned much about myself and the marathon world!  With a renewed spirit I am looking forward to my run on Monday!

There are a few other books out there that I’d like to pick up and read however, I cannot read while I run.  I see people reading while they are on the treadmill, I’ve attempted this a few times and have practically fallen off the treadmill.  Honestly, I cannot run on a treadmill – the few times that I have, I get dizzy and feel like I’m going to fly off the back!

I also enjoy reading articles about running from the newsletter e-mails I get from and suggest sites like these to help in your training.  If there is a book about running (or about anything for that matter again, I love to read) that you enjoyed, please feel free to share it, it’s always nice to see what other people have in their libraries!  Hhmmm…maybe I should be a librarian…


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