Today marks the first Sunday of my favorite Sunday’s of the year.  That’s right folks – FOOTBALL SEASON HAS ARRIVED!!!  Ok I know that we had football in the preseason the past couple of weeks and that the regular season technically started on Thursday with the Vikings playing the Saints; but for me, today is the day, my team officially kicks off at 1:00 PM and I am PSYCHED!

If you don’t know already, my team is of course no other than the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS!  So how did I get to be a Patriots fan?  Well, I am a fan of all New England Sports teams!  I have been to at least one game of every professional sport played in New England (sorry I’m not including women’s soccer or basketball in this category).  Yes, I’ve been to a New England Revolution game, years ago, though I am not a soccer fan.  I’ve also been to a few Boston Cannons games and even had the opportunity to interview David Gross, the Commissioner of Major League Lacrosse for a project I had for my Sports Management class at Regiville.  When in College I went to multiple Boston Bruins Hockey games, I had shared some season tickets with a couple other friends.  During a Boston Celtics Basketball game in College, we made it up onto the jumbotron because we were a group at the game, and we sat in the absolute last row of the New Garden (pronounced “gah-den” of course).  I’ve been to countless Boston Red Sox Baseball games through out my life – Fenway Park (make sure you read it with the correct pronunciation, “pahk”) is not only the oldest major league baseball stadium currently in use, it’s also the greatest!  Finally there’s the New England Patriots – yet I’ve only been to 1 football game at home, and that was at the old Foxborough Stadium.  My sister Nancy took me to a Pats game last preseason when they played the Redskins and we had amazing seats – 50 yard line, visitors side of course, just a few rows back – it was amazing!

Ok that didn’t really answer how I got to be a PATS fan but hopefully you got the point that I absolutely love all of my New England sports teams!  So seriously, how did I become such a huge New England Sports Teams Fan?  The answer is fairly simple, my MOM!  My Mom is the one who introduced me to being a devoted New England Sports Team Fan!  In order to be a fan of these teams, you have to be completely devoted to them!  I mean the Red Sox broke my heart every single season until 2004 when they finally broke the 86-year-old curse and won the World Series!  So as a child I had to stand firm and still love my BoSox win or lose!  The same went for my New England Patriots, I was a devoted fan before they won the 2001, 2003 & 2004 Super Bowls!

Let me tell you the real reason why the Pats lost the 2007 Superbowl – Sophia was born!  Honestly, to this day I believe that had she not been born they would have had a perfect season, and would have won the Super Bowl!  When I was pregnant with Sophia they won every game, then she was born just a few days after the AFC Championship Game, and sadly they lost the Super Bowl.  I had to be induced with Sophia and sometimes I think back to that season and wonder, what if I hadn’t been induced?  What if Sophia was born after the Super Bowl?  Ok and Tedy also cursed my Pats a bit as well, they were doing well and he was originally due on Super Bowl Sunday but then his due date jumped up a couple of weeks to be the same as Phia’s.  Then when I was pregnant with him, I had the feeling that he was going to come early and indeed he did, he jumped up a couple more weeks and was born on January 8th.  We do not have TV at home so I took full advantage of being in the hospital on a Sunday, although I was to be discharged, and watched the Pats game.  Tedy was dressed in his Bruschi jersey and it was a depressing game – they lost that play off game.  So with Tedy and last season I wonder, what if he actually came on his original due date?  Would the Pats have made it to the Super Bowl and won?  People tell me that I shouldn’t be pregnant during football season again like I was with Phia & Tedy; because it’s just too stressful!

Anyways, so like I said, my Mom is the one who raised Nancy & I to be New England Sports Team Fans.  Now my husband’s teams are Chicago teams.  He also came to be a Bears fan because of his mother.  Troy attempts to talk smack sometimes but I won’t have any of it.  I am a dedicated Pats fan no matter what.  Also, he is going to lose the battle when it comes to what sports teams our children will love because as we followed our mothers, our children are going to follow their mother, and be New England fans!  They also have their Nana to follow as well, my Mom, she has bought them lots of Pats and Red Sox gear already.  Oh and my sister Nancy bought Phia her Brady Jersey; I pulled that out today and Phia exclaimed: “Mommy, my Pat Patriot shirt!  I LOVE PAT PATRIOT!” As for Troy’s teams and our children, Phia only had 1 Cubs outfit that he bought her when he was in Chicago, and she had 1 Bears shirt that I got her at Old Navy last year because I felt a little bad for Troy.

Sorry Troy, you just aren’t going to win here, our children are being raised properly by three strong-willed women: their Mom, their Nana & their Auntie Nancy – they are going to be New England fans!


2 thoughts on “FAN FANATIC!

  1. Ann says:

    We from New England never ever give up on are teams we are Loyal to the end… You did not tell the story how you used your high school news pass to get into the Red Sox dug out

    • No I forgot to tell that story since this post was mainly about football. So for inquiring minds: When I was a senior in High School I took journalism & worked on the newspaper. We had little press passes for…fun I guess…anyways, while at a Red Sox game one day I decided to see what my press pass could actually do for me. So I walked down to the photo section that’s right next to the Red Sox dug out & sat there for a couple of innings & took some pictures. It was absolutely AMAZING!

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