Part 1: The Mini Van (Am I really THAT Mom?!?)

Well folks, here’s a new series for you – Am I really THAT Mom?!?

You all know what I mean when I say: THAT Mom – you know, the one that you’re like ugh & something makes your blood boil inside like ugh seriously, really, ick – ie: where the heck is the person I used to be?!?!  You know, the person that used to stay up late because she wanted to party, not because her baby was teething.  The person that used to sleep in all day & sometimes never get out of her PJs – now it’s, sleeping in, what in the world is that?!  I’m lucky if I make it through the night without one of the kids crawling into bed with me!  Sometimes I still don’t make it out of my PJs but that’s because I’m exhausted from the lack of sleep, and well, we really aren’t going out today so I might as well stay comfy!  Or what about the person that used to just get up & go with car keys in one hand, cell phone & wallet in the other?  I was never a purse kind of person anyways now I have dozens of different bags – diaper bags, book bags, lunch bags, did I remember everything?

Oh and finally the car…the cute little Emerald Green Ford Focus (ok it died & my mechanic-father-in-law fixed it up, sold it & that teen totaled it) I had my Dad’s old Pontiac Grand Prix for a while and then Troy & I found out we were pregnant with our first child (who would end up being our beautiful baby girl, Sophia Rose).  So the Grand Prix was happily traded in for the Honda CR-V (a vehicle I had been looking at getting anyways).

I absolutely loved this vehicle!  It was the first car that I actually really wanted & researched!  It was the first major purchase that Troy & I made together!  The CRV had been all over!  From Nashville to Indiana to Massachusetts & all around New England, to Virginia & it took us throughout much of the East Coast through New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia.  It’s been through Ohio and Kentucky, Illinois & Missouri!  This CRV was my baby!  I never dreamed of getting rid of it!  Yet with the arrival of Tedy & the hopes of more children one day, the CRV just wasn’t practical anymore.

So I began my search for our next family vehicle, and decided to ask a bunch of my friends who have kids, especially those with 3+ kids, what kind of vehicle they drove.  The two most common answers were: Chevy Suburban, Honda Odyssey.  I decided to stick with the Honda family since we have been happy Honda owners since 2007 & I love most of their other vehicles.  So I decided to take a look at the Honda Pilot – a step up from the CRV pretty much…while the CRV was in for an oil change one day I took my stroller (the sit & stand, not the behemoth or the double stroller) and attempted to put it into the Pilot without having to fold any seats down.  Well, it failed my test, yes the stroller fit but then there wasn’t much room for anything else.  As Troy says, we can never come home from a road trip with out the CRV jam-packed & the stroller easily fits into that with other stuff so sad to say the Pilot was out of the running.  The sales man suggested I try to put it in the Odyssey – I agreed to try, and it sadly fit with plenty of room.  I say sadly because the Odyssey is technically a minivan – and never in my wildest dreams had I even considered a minivan!  Over the next few months I continually researched the Odyssey and then finally scheduled a test drive.

Yesterday morning I dropped Sophia off at school and Tedy & I headed down to Casey Honda.  I explained my case to the salesman and told him that I’m really not a minivan person.  He pulled up the style of Odyssey that I had decided on, and put Tedy’s car seat in it for me.  He walked me around the vehicle & demonstrated all of the features, then I gave it the ultimate stroller test, the behemoth & it fit with the seats up!  I was also able to put the double stroller in as well!  Ok it’s officially passed the stroller test & I know I can put lots of stuff in here without having to worry about the seats so we took it for a spin.  As I was test driving it and talking to the sales man, I did not feel like I was in a minivan at all!  When we pulled back into the dealership he asked: “Is there anything you don’t like about it?”  I replied: “It’s a minivan!”  We laughed and then walked inside to discuss it even more.  I told him that I was beginning to enter a strange form of depression.  We talked numbers, and the team did a great job at getting me all that I wanted!  Luckily Troy was able to talk on the phone and I discussed it with him as well, and he agreed and said to go for it!  So I sat down with the finance guy and went for it!

When I walked into the finance guys office I noticed he had two packs of Marlboro cigarettes out – so I told him, “You must have a stressful job, I mean come on, you’re the guy that George Carlin references in some of his skits – the businessman!”  We talked a bit about why I was entering a strange form of depression – no it wasn’t the money because our car payment wouldn’t change that much, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Ah-ha yes, there we go, I’m the co-signer, I’m the one without a job!  For the first time in our relationship, Troy is the one who makes the money, and I manage it.  Ok I’ve managed our finances for a while now, which apparently is not an Army wife thing to do.  What I mean is, we moved to Williamsburg because of my job, and I no longer work at said job.  I’m the “type A” personality in the relationship.  Yes, I went to Regis College when it was still all women and Troy went to Wabash College, which by the way is only one of like four all male College’s in the country, so we both had single-sex collegiate educations.  However, mine was ALL WOMEN – and the slogan used to be: “It’s not an all girls school without men, it’s an all women’s college without boys!”  Everyone at the Honda dealer told me that I have the most important, most difficult job, taking care of the children.  Blah blah blah blah blah – yes I know, and we’ve actually been saving a significant amount of money with me not working – yet still, it has not completely settled with me!  Am I really THAT Mom?!?

I guess I really am THAT Mom!  Yet slowly but surely I am coming to accept the fact that this person is taking over my body.  Here’s the upside:  I do love our new vehicle, it is totally what we needed!  Oh and not sure if you can notice but from the pic of me with the CRV just 10ish weeks pregnant to this pic of me with the new Odyssey there’s a 30+lbs difference!  Can you believe that now that I no longer work for a “health organization” I am actually healthy?!  You’d think it would have been the opposite way around!  So yes, I really have become THAT Mom, and I have much more to say about being THAT Mom so stay tuned for a fun blog series!  Oh and by the way, I wouldn’t change being THAT Mom for the world!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Part 1: The Mini Van (Am I really THAT Mom?!?)

  1. Troy says:

    Actually, I think I have out earned you even before you left your old job for the better job of being a mom. I know scripture says that Mary chose the better part, but there’s nothing wrong with being a Martha. Aren’t the kids better bosses, even if they demand a lot of hours from you?

  2. Ann says:

    Loved it but you are not that Mom and you could out earn any one if you wanted too … We sometime but our dreams aside for are family. you are one amazing person

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