Part 4: Determinations / Inspiration / Motivation / Perspiration (OMG I’M SIGNED UP FOR A MARATHON!?!)

I was supposed to have run 12 miles today – my longest run yet on the training calendar.  Possibly by my tone of writing you can already tell that it did not go so well!  Honestly, it was horrible & hilarious all at the same time!  Let me start out telling you how I even got to this point.

  • Determination- Since I was a little girl I dreamed of one day running the Boston Marathon!  The original title of this series as WTF WAS I THINKING…maybe this crazy dream is the answer.  My time has significantly changed this past year so it must have some how made sense in my mind.  I’ve been serious about my training lately, now that it is in full swing and the marathon is just 9 weeks away!  Most of my runs are done with the kids in the behemoth jog stroller, and Toby in tow as well.  My times haven’t been as fast as I would like but hey, I’m carrying around a bunch of extra weight.  It cracks me up every time I pass someone while on a run and they say something like “Wow, you’re really getting a good work out!”  So I began to think that I might actually be a bit faster than what my Nike+ says because I haven’t been running by myself.  I was hoping that this weeks long run would be my chance to see what I’m really working with.
  • Inspiration- What inspires you?  Many things inspire me in many different ways, depending on the subject matter of course.  My family is at the top of the list for folks that inspire me!  They continually inspire me in many ways and that’s another post for another day.  Yet let me tell you this one story…since Troy was in Army Boot Camp, he tells me that Sophia, Tedy & I are his inspiration to make it through.  He says that he pictures us at the finish during every PT test.  Lately when I’ve been running with the kids I picture him as well and see him laughing hysterically at us!  He tends to say, “Life’s always entertaining with Liz DeLise!”  So my vision of him is him taking his PT test and being one of those folks that pass by us on the course and he can’t help but laugh because we look hysterical…here I am with these two kids in a huge stroller and the dog and we stop for potty breaks along the way because Phia says she has to go potty (so happy she’s in big girl undies now) so I tell her to hold it and she literally does – and we have various music pumping out of the i-pod – and Tedy is playing with his octopus toy – and Toby is trotting by my side because I’m too slow for him; get the picture, you’d probably laugh too!  Seriously though, my family is my inspiration, especially Troy!  I am so proud of him for joining the Army!  Of course the time apart is not easy but we’ve been through so much already that I know we can make it through anything.  I know that we inspire each other, even though we are miles apart, and I can sense him as we run, wishing me the best!
  • Motivation- Sophia is my main source of motivation during our runs, she shouts at me telling me to GO or RUN FASTER MOMMY or DON’T STOP, etc.  Music also motivates me but I really need to fix my i-pod & set a running playlist because I’m having to skip through too many songs that aren’t helping to get the job done.  I’m also motivated to run a marathon in hopes of qualifying for the Boston Marathon one day.  Honestly, I’ll probably keep doing this crazy thing until I do and then I can retire for marathon’s!  In order to qualify for the Boston Marathon I must run the Marine Corps Marathon in under 3 hours 40 minutes and 59 seconds!  That’s a pace of about 8:39/mile!  I have never officially run that fast in any race – yet for some reason I think I can get there one day!  So to help me get there I have been studying – I will happily admit that I am a book junkie (that’s a post for another day as well) – so I continually reference The Complete Book of Running for Women by Claire Kowalchik and my librarian friend, Michelle recommended 50/50 by Dean Karnazes so I’ve of course ordered it and am excited for it to arrive!  The part about running a marathon that I am the most nervous about it refueling – food of course – you know I’ll always find a way to relate food to anything I do!  I went to GNC & talked to the lady there and picked up some gels & saw this other protein bar that looked like it would taste good so I bought one to try out as well.  I was all ready to go for my longest run yet!
  • Perspiration- The weather has been cooling down (finally) which has made for some pleasant runs, and I am looking forward to the arrival of fall (my favorite season) and more relief!  So this morning I got up and got ready to go – I read the directions on the new protein bar and on the gels and ate the protein bar – it tasted pretty good, like a vanilla wafer cookie with berry filling.  I hydrated myself and got the kids ready to go to Erin & Nick’s for the morning.  I stretched out a little bit before I left because my hips have been bothering lately.  I told Erin that I was going to go straight down Richmond Rd. toward Colonial Williamsburg for 6 miles then turn around.  I was wicked excited for this run – finally a chance to do a long run on my own in nice weather!  With my favorite running shoes on, gels in my pockets, a full Camelbak Pack on my back, Nike + & iPod set up I began my run.  After a mile I felt like I had a brick in my stomach!  Ugh!  I thought whatever Liz, don’t psych yourself out so early into the run.  Then a little after 2 miles I could barely run anymore – my running time was actually slower than if I had been walking, and the brick feeling consumed my body.  I started to walk and by mile 3 I was like that’s it, I’ve got to find a bathroom!  Luckily I was on Richmond Rd which is the road in Williamsburg that literally has everything on it or just off it!  So I went into the Williamsburg Hospitality House and downstairs to the bathroom – I figured it would be a nice place to stop.  It really was, there was a nice powder room with some chairs and then the bathroom with these neat purple sinks.  As I sat on the toilet I thought ok, I obviously can’t poop this out but it has got to get out of me some how, I need to throw up!  Mind you I absolutely positively hate throwing up!  I think it is the most disgusting thing in the entire world!  I hate seeing it, I hate doing it – I usually cry when I do!  I never got morning sickness while pregnant with either of my children and I thank God for that everyday because I absolutely hate to throw up!  When I do throw up that’s when you know that something is wrong with me!  So I sat in the bathroom stall contemplating what my next move, should I shove my finger down my throat, should I call Erin, should I just walk back.  No I couldn’t shove my finger down my throat, that would be nasty, and like I said before I hate to throw up!  No I can’t call Erin because I don’t have my cell phone on me and I don’t know her number (guess that’s one of the downsides to having them all stored in my cell phone)  and if I called my phone she probably wouldn’t pick it up because she abides by the same if I don’t know the number I don’t pick it up principle as I do.  I can’t just walk back, I could barely get to this point!  Then I recall what was said on the Body By Bethenny DVD – “This pose is very detoxifying…twists are great for the intestines…it’s like you’re wringing them out…”  I think ok, we shall see, maybe this will help in some way!  So I go to the powder room and get down into child’s pose for a minute – then I finally bring myself up to do the twists and I do them on both sides.  Wow – it really does feel like my intestines are being wrung out like a dirty dish rag!  I stand up and walk back into the bathroom stall, say a quick prayer to the porcelin god and make my offering!  When I’m done I get up and wash myself off in the pretty purple sink.  I look at myself in the mirror and think – Troy would be so proud of me because I didn’t cry after I threw up (I couldn’t, it was something that I knew just had to be done) thank God there wasn’t anyone else in the bathroom, and now I can walk back!  So I start back, stopping one more time after about a mile, just in case but no, false alarm.  Then I hear a song that makes me want to dance then one that makes me want to run – I feel great during this mile, maybe I can finish the 12 – but no then the emptiness of my stomach hits me, and I’m too nervous to put anything else “new” into my system – plus I’m out of water.  So I power walk back to Erin’s house and call it a day.

Of course when I tell Troy the story of how my run went today he starts laughing, and then shares some funny boot camp and AIT PT stories as well.  So what are you determined to do?  Who/what inspires you?  How about motivation?  Oh and perspiration, I just want you to know that you’re not alone in your struggles, no matter what they are!  If you’re struggling with a run and feel like crap, look back at it and laugh as I have today!  If you’re struggling with other matters in life, just know that God is there by your side!


One thought on “Part 4: Determinations / Inspiration / Motivation / Perspiration (OMG I’M SIGNED UP FOR A MARATHON!?!)

  1. Ann says:

    I know how you feel. If I could do the whole Jimmy fund walk the Bostn Marathon run route. you can do this .
    we are suriviver we will be suprise by what you can do…
    This made me laughed and but a smile on my face… Almost a full moon

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