Today I had my first long run in a while; though I guess in comparison to a marathon 8 miles really isn’t that long.  So with my Nike+ & i-pod going I set out & hit the road for this journey (shout out: THANKS to my sister Nancy for watching the kids so I didn’t have to lug the behemoth stroller along).

I started by power walking & stretching while going to the end of my street then as I got closer to the main road I hit the center button of my i-pod to begin my work out & started running.  I absolutely love having a Nike+ to assist with my training because you can set it for whatever type of run/workout you want to have and it’ll tell you your time or distance.  I’ve been using the distance mode and it is very motivating because once you’ve reached the half way point it then counts down the remaining distance.  It’s also nice to see your mile splits when you upload it to Nike Running and you can comment on how your run felt, the weather, the surface you were on, etc.  I also sync my Nike+ to dailymile I found out about this website through my friend Michelle and it’s like a workout version of Facebook.  I encourage all of you to join dailymile especially if you feel like you’re alone with your struggle of running or working out.  I have not been on long but I’ve found it extremely motivating already and it’s a great way to keep track of your activity!

Once I was on the main road I headed towards Jamestown Settlement because I wanted to check out the Virginia Capital Trail.  As I got closer to Jamestown & saw the signs for the Jamestown Ferry I thought that would be a nice thing to do when I have the kids one day.  Which made me think of my car search as well and how originally I wanted to get an Odyssey and have it completely decked out with the navigation system, rear entertainment system, bluetooth, etc.  Then I recalled my childhood car trips, even though I slept through most of them there was some beautiful scenery along the way, and I don’t want my kids to completely miss out on that because they’d always be watching a DVD in the car.  All those thoughts led me back to running and how being outside gives you a chance to see some amazing things.  Well just being outside in general simply walking around you get to see the beauty of the world all around you more than you would if you were in a car.  Same goes for cycling as well – I’ve seen some gorgeous sites while on my bike.  Yet nothing like on my feet!  Your feet can take you places no car or bike could!  That’s just what I did today while running.  I started out on the Virginia Capital Trail (it was so nice to see so many other people out walking, running or cycling on the trail, I’m looking forward to its completion) then I went onto another paved trail that connects to the Virginia Capital Trail the trail was paved as I ran through a farm and then it went to gravel as I turned around the farm with the farm at my right and woods at my left (I could see other runners on the trails in the woods).  Then the trail turned to mulch and finally pine needles as it entered into the woods.  I passed by a couple out walking their dog as it opened up to the Historical Site of the Church on the Main.  As I ran over the seashells I thought about all the other Historical Markers I passed along the way.  The one that gets me every time is to think that I can walk where Pocahontas once did or John Smith or where there was an American Revolution Battle or Civil War Battle, etc.  History is beautiful and fascinating and whenever I visit a place I love to stop and read those markers to see where I’ve been!  Granted there wasn’t any stopping today until the end of this run, it was still amazing to glance at it all on my journey.  Finally the trail opened up and I was back on the road but I was in suburbia and it took me a while to not be lost in it going past houses that looked exactly the same and cul-de-sac after cul-de-sac I finally got out and back onto the main road and headed home.

When the eight miles was over I started power walking again and once I was back on my street I stretched as I walked to cool down.  I thought back on my run and how amazing it was!  I felt like Robert Frost along the way, like I was in his poem The Road Not Taken.  I thought of the people who live in the houses of the neighborhood I ran through – did they all know of the beauty that was in their neighborhood – I doubt it.  I thought of my children and even though they are young, hopefully one day I can tell them of the beautiful places they went while in the jog stroller as mommy ran.  I guess I really am taking the road not taken by signing up for the Marine Corps Marathon, which is one of the amazing things I have discovered on my journey since the crazy decision of signing up for it in the first place!


One thought on “Part 2: The Road Not Taken (WTF WAS I THINKING SIGNING UP FOR A MARATHON?!?!?!?!)

  1. Ann says:

    Glad that you can see the beauty in the world … Now I know that you did see the wonderful and beautiful sight in the wolrd…
    Know that you can do this …
    So glad that you also have an awsome sister…

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