The Secret to Winning Games at Baby Showers

As I’ve said before I am obsessed with food!  After reading Bethenny Frankel’s first book, Naturally Thin (seriously if you haven’t yet check her out at I learned to appreciate the wonderful tastes that food can have (makes me kind of feel like Remy in Disney Pixar’s Ratatouille)!  Honestly, if it doesn’t taste fabulous why eat it?  This is what Bethenny calls the “point of diminishing returns” (every time I read that Phantom of the Opera’s Past the Point of No Return get’s stuck in my head).

So I was at a Baby Shower this past Saturday for my friend Erin.  They had a bunch of games planned (little did they know that I am wicked competitive) from guessing the baby food to baby pictionary.  From the title of this blog post if you guessed that I won then you are correct!

Erin is due to have a baby boy, Riley, in just a couple of weeks; so there were 5 jars of baby food on the table with the labels off & baby block letters spelling RILEY on top.  When I saw this I got excited for the game and knew that I would do well.  No not because I have a 6-month old who has begun experimenting with different foods but because I love to cook and in general I love food.  Oh and I do not buy canned baby food, I make my own (this is a blog that I am still researching but I can hint to you that I am a firm believer in making your own baby food because I believe that the convenience of canned baby food has a direct correlation to childhood obesity – like I said, a soap box for another day).

So we went around the table sampling the different baby foods and writing down our answers.  There of course were some looks of disgust as the ladies tasted the foods.  With the exception of the last food I didn’t think they tasted too bad – and the second one was yummiest!  There were green beans, mangos, carrots, squash and some sort of rice mix (forgot the last one because it’s the only one I didn’t know – it was a combo – hey what can I say I’m not perfect).  The mangos were the reason why I won the game!  I will admit that at first I wrote down mangos but then as the ladies started talking I crossed out my answer and put peaches – ugh – that’s why I am horrible at standardized and multiple choice tests, I shouldn’t have listened…yet they were kind enough to accept my first answer so that I would win the game!

Ok so are you ready for the secret to winning games at baby showers?  PAY ATTENTION!  As in pay attention to the foods that you eat on a regular basis – everything – savor each bite and if it sucks…STOP!  Free yourself from food boredom and enjoy the natural beauty that food has to offer.

Finally, here’s another little secret about baby food – it makes a great alternative to eggs in things such as cakes and brownies.  I commonly use applesauce instead of eggs for cake and it makes them nice and fluffy!  I’ve also used banana puree (that’s essentially what baby food is) in brownies (as Bethenny suggested in her second book, Skinnygirl Dish – again, check her out on or purchase her books at – they are worth the purchase because you will reference them over and over again).

Good Luck at the next Baby Shower you attend & if we are at the same one & play this game…BRING IT! 😛


One thought on “The Secret to Winning Games at Baby Showers

  1. Eileen Paris says:

    Liz – just checking out your blog… you are a beautiful soul… thank you for sharing your intellect and humor at the same time!

    Love & peace, Eileen

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