Mission Impossible: Sophia’s Bag Lunch

Well it’s Friday and while most people look forward to this day because it’s the start of the weekend I tend to dread part of it!  Friday is Bag Lunch Day for Sophia at school and this is my dilemma – I NEVER KNOW WHAT TO PACK FOR HER LUNCH!  You’d think that food obsessed me would be overwhelmed with ideas of what to make her but nope when her teachers remind me on Thursday to bring her a bag lunch on Friday I sigh!

Her teachers have always been amazing & helpful…Here are some of the things they’ve suggested:

  • Asking her what she wants…I can pretty much guarantee you that if you ask Sophia what she wants no matter what time of day it is her response will be “noodles” (that’s my girl – pasta is also my favorite food!  When I was sick up in Massachusetts & Troy was down in Nashville he said that he didn’t cook pasta once!)
  • Taking her grocery shopping to see what she wants…she only cares about trying to find Williamsburg Willie (still haven’t found him) seeing what’s the sample, and getting stickers when we check out (THANK YOU TRADER JOE’S YOU MAKE GROCERY SHOPPING WITH A TODDLER FUN!)
  • Making her a PB&J…no dice – peanut allergy (ok well Phia’s not allergic to Peanuts but I am) so we have sunflower seed butter (Trader Joe’s sells an amazing fair priced one – about the same that you would pay for a regular jar of Peanut Butter but like 50 times healthier for you)

So as you can see this is a tough thing for me!  Usually I end up packing her a crazy smorgasbord of stuff: yogurt, granola bars, hot dog, cheese stick, veges, fruits, cereal, sandwich, etc…her princess lunch box is usually chock full!  Let’s rewind to yesterday when her teacher suggested PB&J and I was like OK I can do our PB&J version (oh & by the way I use organic grape jelly – again Trader Joe’s sells a delicious well priced one and this is a soap box for another time but have you ever looked at all additional crap in a regular jar of grape jelly – ick – go organic with this if you can) because I have everything I need to do that.  So last night I went to go make her lunch and pulled down the loaf of bread – mind you I knew that I had bread ends (don’t ask me why but for some reason I have something against bread ends from a loaf of bread but you better believe that if I’m at the Cheese Shop and they have em, I’ll totally pick up bread ends – LOL) I pulled them out and ICK those bread ends were molded so they went into the trash and I sighed because I was back at square one!

Fast-forward a bit to this morning and oops I had a horrible night and did not fall asleep until just before my time to get out of bed alarm went off so instead of pressing snooze I accidentally pressed dismiss and didn’t wake up until my time leave the house alarm went off (yes I set many alarms throughout the day to tell me what I should be doing, in the afternoon I have a time to go pick up Phia from school alarm) oops so I rushed to get us out of the house so that Phia wasn’t late for school and decided to bring her lunch later since all I really needed was bread.  We dropped Phia off at school and told them about the bread and that I would be back with her lunch later.

Tedy & I went over to Trader Joe’s (because besides the commissary they are the only one’s who sell decently priced bread that is not loaded with my allergens such as eggs and soy) to get bread and milk (mind you I really don’t use milk but Sophia goes through almost 3 gallons a week by herself).  Got the bread and milk and of course a couple other things (going to a pot luck tomorrow so I needed something for that and the peaches at the sampling area were so delicious that we couldn’t pass those up) and headed home.

While making Phia her SFSB&GJ sandwich BING that’s when the idea for this post hit me!  A joke song from Saint Mary’s Lifeteen Miss’s (opposite of hit’s – funny funny) called Sandwiches got stuck in my head – then I started thinking of other fond sandwich memories while I was cutting the sandwich.  There is only one way to cut a sandwich and in my family it is known as the Nana Stewart way!  Nana Stewart was my Great-Grandmother (my mother’s mother’s mother – for those of you who do not know, although I go by Liz my name is Elizabeth Ann after my Mom=Ann, my Nana=Elizabeth Ann, and Nana Stewart=Elizabeth…hhmmm…that’s an idea for a post, names) and although I cannot recall her ever making me a sandwich I know that my Nana and my Mom made me many sandwiches and this is how they always cut it, so it’s also how I cut my sandwich.  Troy and I have debated over how to cut a sandwich and we’ve also debated how to make a sandwich!

Here’s the recipe for the perfect PB&J or SFSB&GJ sandwich:

  • 2 pieces of bread (preferably a good whole grain/ wheat bread white bread is an absolute NO-NO…Yes as a kid I was that weird-o with the pumpernickel bread)
  • Sunflower Seed Butter (or Peanut Butter or Almond Butter – remember to use what you have)
  • Organic Grape Jelly (again, use what you have or prefer so Strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, etc are all great options just try to go organic if you can because fruit naturally has sugar in it so why get the kind that has high-fructose corn syrup as the first ingredient)
  1. Take desired amount of Sunflower Seed Butter and divide equally spreading some on both pieces of bread
  2. Take desired amount of Organic Grape Jelly and spread on top of Sunflower Seed Butter (you can spread on just one side or a little bit on both if you’re weird OCD moment comes in – I know it does for me)
  3. Put both pieces of bread together
  4. Cut sandwich along diagonal of bread (see pic below)
  5. ENJOY!
Phia's Perfect SFSB&GJ Sandwich cut Nana Stewart Style

Phia's Perfect SFSB&GJ Sandwich cut Nana Stewart Style

It’s something so simple yet it’s something that Troy and I have continually debated; (sorry hun I love you but you are never going to win this debate) we’ve debated over one crucial step!  Step 1 – you must spread the “butter” on each piece of bread – if you do it his way and put the “butter” on one side and the “jelly” on the other you end up with an icky soggy sandwich!

Ok let’s get back to the original story…I finished making Phia’s sandwich, packed her Princess lunch box, and headed back to the school.  Dropping off her lunch felt like it was a covert operation / top-secret mission because I had to hand her teacher the lunch box while pressed up against the wall so that Phia couldn’t see me.  Mission accomplished – Sophia got the perfect SFSB&GJ sandwich for lunch today!  Hopefully I’ll continue to be successful when Friday’s approach and I get handed yet another Mission Impossible: Sophia’s Bag Lunch!


2 thoughts on “Mission Impossible: Sophia’s Bag Lunch

  1. amy donovan says:

    haha, so cute! + the sammy sounds great. here’s an idea – come up with 3 different ideas for bag lunch friday – 1. sfsb+gj sammy, 2. cheese, apples + granola/yogurt, + 3. pasta salad + raisins (or whatever you come up with!), and then rotate between the three. good luck! 🙂

  2. Nancy says:

    Is there really any other way to cut a sammich? I think not! I’ve always cut mine that way. Straight up and down would look weird and wrong.

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