Food Noise vs Food Voice (Round 1: Little Devil & Little Angel on my shoulder)

I am obsessed with food!  Troy makes fun of me because of it – I’m constantly asking about the next meal!  I’m constantly thinking about it!  Even when I was in the hospital a couple of years ago and could not eat anything but ice-chips what did I do?  That’s right, I watched the Food Network all day and all night and imagined that I was eating the most delicious ice-chips ever!  Oh and I love to cook (hate doing the dishes) and I enjoy eating as well.  Yet as I’ve been told, I don’t have a bad obsession with food – so that’s a plus.  However there is an internal battle going on in my mind – aahhh!

I love the classic scene of the Little Devil on one shoulder and the Little Angel on the other – these two appear when you debate something and well in most scenes it’s funny!  Being a Libra, these two are constantly appearing on my shoulders as I weigh everything!  Let me be clear, my Little Devil is not necessarily bad as in Satan evil type.  My Little Devil and Little Angel are the one’s who list out the pro’s and con’s: the Little Devil is the pessimist & the Little Angel is the optimist.

Lately they have been battling over food; the Little Devil has been my “Food Noise” where as the Little Angel has been my “Food Voice” (to fully understand these terms pick up a copy of Bethenny Frankel’s first book: Naturally Thin)!   Concerning food things are very loud!  I’ve been trying to listen to that soft sweet food voice more and have made progress (lost 10 lbs so far – have a few more to go).

These two battle everyday but today I truly realized what has been going on.  This morning I went over to my friend Erin’s house to help her unpack.  We decided to order out for lunch.  We were good and realized that we could easily split a meal.  Miss due in a couple of weeks pregnant lady knew she needed some protein so we chose what to get based off of that.  We ended up getting Chicken Parm from Francesco’s – for those of you that read Salad Ballad you guessed right, I ordered a salad as well.  As I left to pick up the food I felt like this lunch was going to be a pretty good investment (again, if you haven’t ordered it already – get it – Bethenny Frankel’s Naturally Thin – I know it’s geared towards woman but hey the same principles apply to men as well).  On my way there Erin texted me asking me to pick her up a Cherry Coke (silly pregnant lady wanting something – not surprising – LOL) so after getting the food I swung by the 711.  As I stood in front of the Coke case looking for Cherry Coke the Little Devil popped up (gee that was quick) and said, “Hey, you really like Cherry Coke, you should get one too!” so I grabbed one as well.  As I closed the door the Little Angel appeared (what, were you stuck in traffic or something buddy?) and said, “Really Liz, NO – it’s been about two months and you haven’t had any soda, are you really going to give in that easily?  Plus, you really want those new floors and buying a soda now would be a bad investment not only in your lunch but also it would take you a step back from those floors!”  Yes, I really did think about my floors that I want so badly while looking at that Cherry Coke – that’s obviously something heavily on my mind as well.  So I opened the door and put the Cherry Coke down.  While walking towards the check out counter I saw bags of gummies and grabbed a bag of Peachy-O’s.  The Little Devil said “Go for it, you didn’t get the Cherry Coke so sure you can have the Peachy-O’s! ”  The Little Angel quickly said “No, come on, they are store brand, not even the good kind.”  As I was waiting in line to check out I caught myself staring at all the candy (Yes, I am one of those people enticed by the stuff at check out).  The Little Devil said “Look Liz – there’s a bag of the good brand of Peachy-O’s, you should totally get a pack!”  The Little Angel said “NO – think of your floors!”  So I paid for the Cherry Coke and left the store.

As I was eating lunch, I contemplated with Erin what my next blog post should be about, this was her suggestion since the other’s aren’t fully ready yet.  Then we went to eat the bread – OMG what a disappointment!  One of the best things about Francesco’s is the garlic bread!  So yummy!  However, apparently when you order takeout all you get is a piece of toast – sad day!  Jeniffer Fiorello if you are reading this, I suggest you start putting some yummy garlic bread in with those take out orders!

When I got home this afternoon and started writing, I of course got hungry.  Yet I’ve been doing a better job about filtering the Food Noise and listening to my Food Voice and had a nice tall glass of high quality H2O!  Snack time can be the loudest time of day for Food Noise and tends to be the time when folks make bad investments.  Here’s a snack suggestion to help get you away from being a Junk Food Junkie: I call it “red ants on a log” Celery with sunflower seed butter and dried cranberries.  I use sunflower seed butter (Trader Joe’s is my favorite and priced about the same as a jar of Peanut Butter) instead of peanut butter because I am allergic to peanuts.  As Bethenny teaches in her second book, Skinnygirl Dish, use what you have so if you have Peanut Butter or Almond Butter, use that instead or if you have raisins then you can use those as well.  The possibilities are endless when you learn to use what you have!  I was amazed at how much food I actually have when I started using what I had!

Red Ants on a Log

Red Ants on a Log

Winner of Round 1: Little Angel!


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