While on vacation last week my sister and I went shopping; we were looking for one particular item, a big floppy hat to wear to the beach.  After trying on what seemed like every hat in the store, we finally selected the ones that we would purchase.  We went to Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachusetts in style – yet we were two of the few actually wearing floppy hats – oh well, I think we looked good!

Nancy & I in our floppy beach hats

Nancy & I in our floppy beach hats

Rewind back to the store – as we were looking at all of the hats, my wardrobe issue popped up again – I hate the majority of my clothes right now!  I am in between sizes (it’s amazing how having children “re-shapes” your figure) and still wear hand-me-downs from my sister (luckily it’s Banana Republic clothes for the most part so you can’t really tell) and $5 v-neck shirts from Target and anything that is “easy access” so that I can nurse Tedy (oh and that I could care less if I get spit up on – sometimes I wonder who is more of a mess at the end of the day – the kids or me?) and don’t feel like purchasing anything for many reason so I’m just plain frustrated with my wardrobe!  I told Nancy that I wish I could dress like I was going to the Derby everyday or something like that – or that I could wear “crazy/cute” clothes and actually pull them off.  So fast-forward to this week and while on the phone with my mom she asks, have you warn your hat again?  I tell her no.  Then the thought came back and I became determined to find ways to wear my big floppy hat again.  That is exactly what I did today!  I pulled my big pink floppy hat out of the closet and said, I am going to wear this today 😛 I got dressed, put on some jewelry (still no make up – I own it but am just not an everyday wearer of it, I don’t think that will change anytime soon) got the kids dressed and headed out the door.

Here are some comments about today’s hat:

  • I love it – you should be alright in the hoity-toity part of the burg.
  • Wow!  I feel under dressed right now.  lol
  • That looks good.
  • LOL You look like you’re going to the Concours de Elegance at Pebble Beach to show off your 1930s Rolls Royce.  Looks Great.
  • Let’s go replace the divots after the polo match (mimics the filling divots scene from Pretty Woman) I like it, it just immediately reminded me of that scene in Pretty Woman.
  • You look like you belong at the Kentucky Derby!  Sassy!
  • It’s a Bethenny hat!
  • I received a few “likes” from the picture I posted on Facebook.
Big Pink Floppy Hat

Big Pink Floppy Hat

about to start my day out with my big pink floppy hate

the pic I sent out to folks to "warn" them of my "hat-venture"

As I was thinking about writing the blog post I realized how much fun wearing hats can be!  What ever happened to the hat as an accessory?  I recently watch the movie Julie & Julia and adored many of the hats that Julia Child wore in the film.  Then I began to think of all the hats that are in our hall “coat” closet – the shelf is full of them (maybe it should be re-named the “hat” closet)!  I’m pretty sure I have a hat in every color, shape & size!  Not just crazy big floppy hats but the classic baseball caps (GO RED SOX), winter hats, trucker hats, cowboy hats, painters hats, straw hats, colonial hats, fishing hats, the list goes on and on.  Then I recalled being a child, shopping with my mom, and going into the hat department to have fun trying on the hats – to this day it’s something I still enjoy doing in stores!  I think that this is just the beginning of many fun hat days!



One thought on “HATS OFF TO HATS?!

  1. Marie says:

    Love the posts! You make me laugh! I agree about the clothing…I am just now thinking about changes to mine just now after our fourth! I might just need to go get myself a hat!! 🙂 hugs

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