Welcome to Rambling Mom

Welcome to Rambling Mom – a blog by me, Liz DeLise because I need to clean out my head and get some of it into the world and see if any of it is actually interesting or if I’m just that nutty. You may ask, why did she name her blog Rambling Mom? The answer you see is well, that’s just what I am! Check out your dictionary or since you’re online and may possibly not have a million books like me so your dictionary might be from 8th grade English when they actually made you buy one – God knows how long ago that was for you…ok so go to dictionary.com and type in “rambling” and you will see that ram-bling [ram-bling] is an adjective
1. aimlessly wandering.
2. taking an irregular course; straggling: a rambling brook.
3. spread out irregularly in various directions: a rambling mansion.
4. straying from one subject to another; desultory: a rambling novel.
Then there’s the word “Mom” and I really hope you don’t need your dictionary for that one!
In January 2008 with the birth of our first child I officially entered into motherhood. Then in January 2010 our second child was born and through it all I’ve become that person that I still talk about and despise aka “that mom” – whoa!
Ok so here’s to a new blog if you’re interested – who knows where the path may lead but I do hope you enjoy it!
God Bless


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